Your yard doesn’t have to be a sea of green. You can add beautiful colors, textures, and elements to your outdoor space. Your landscaping should be an extension of your home, so why not add more plants and shrubbery? At A Plus Landscaping, we want you to maximize your outdoor space.

We compiled a list of the best shrubs to add to your Pennsylvania home landscaping.

The Best Shrubs To Add to Your Pennsylvania Home Landscaping

Why Should You Use Native PA Plants?

Landscaping with shrubbery native to Pennsylvania will save you a headache. While tropical plants are gorgeous, you can’t expect them to survive a PA winter. Landscaping with native plants offers many benefits, such as conserving water, using fewer pesticides and chemicals, and reducing maintenance.

Flowering Shrubs

If you want to add color to your landscape, consider adding flowering shrubs to your yard. The following shrubs are durable and easy to care for, and they bloom in gorgeous colors during peak seasons.


Not only are viburnums visually stunning, but they’re incredibly durable. You can plant this shrub anywhere and forget to water it, and it will still survive. This shrub can also withstand any weather conditions and pests. Viburnums bloom a beautiful pink and white color that is stunning all year long.


Spireas are the perfect shrubs to add to your Pennsylvania home landscaping, whether you have a small or large yard.This shrub blooms during the spring and summer, adding color and personality to your yard. They are low maintenance and can survive in hot temperatures and direct sun. While spireas aren’t prone to insect infestations or diseases, they can fall victim to mites and aphids.

Honeysuckle Bush

If you want a shrub that seems like it grew overnight, honeysuckles are your best choice. Not only does this shrub grow fast, but it’s easy to maintain. However, honeysuckles grow large, so make sure you have enough space. This shrubbery adds warmth to your sea of green in yellows and oranges. Honeysuckles mainly attract hummingbirds, bees, and other pollinators.

Evergreen Shrubs

Evergreen shrubs are another great way to enhance your landscaping. It’s best to plant a few shrubs to spruce up your outdoor space. For a yard with easy maintenance and charming greenery, add these three evergreen shrubs.

Cherry Laurel

Cherry laurel is one of the most popular shrubs for landscaping in Pennsylvania. This plant produces an alluring deep red berry and helps keep away pests. It’s also great for those who live in warmer regions. However, it can experience windburn and other issues in the winter.


Yew is reliable, soft, and beautiful. Yew adds so much personality to a space with its red berries, although the berries are toxic for human consumption. However, a few birds may munch on them as they stop by. Yews are durable plants that can survive many weather conditions, and you can shape them to any form you desire.


Many gardeners and landscape enthusiasts love euonymus plants because they come in wide varieties—175 to be exact—and stunning foliage. These types of shrubs are perfect for those who want to create a border on their yard. Euonymus plants are popular in Pennsylvania because their versatility is hard to beat. These plants are also super neat and low maintenance.

Are you ready to upgrade your yard space? We offer professional outdoor living landscaping services to those wanting to spruce up their outdoor areas. From adding shrubbery to customizing entertainment spaces, we can do it all. Contact us today for more information.

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