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If you’ve had flooding and irrigation issues, you may have been advised to inquire about installing a retaining wall. When you hear the term “retaining wall,” you may think of a gigantic, aesthetically unpleasing wall that keeps erosion and other issues at bay, but times have changed, and homeowners are discovering the beauty and dimensionality of functional walled structures on their property. When installing a retaining wall, you will have less maintenance to worry about since it’s built to stand up to weather and wear and tear. A retaining wall certainly will help eliminate erosion issues, but it’s also a terrific project that can improve the functionality and looks of your backyard.

You can allow your creativity to run free when you use our retaining wall installation services. Our design team at A Plus Landscaping will consider your family’s lifestyle and the size of your yard, and we will create an aesthetically pleasing wall that limits flooding and retains healthy soil while adding beauty to your yard.

Keep Erosion Under Control

When you inquire about installing a retaining wall, you will meet with a team of contractors to help you build the best structure according to your lifestyle and needs. Your retaining wall can help create areas for entertainment, gardening, and an outdoor kitchen. This wall can also make sloped areas more functional by flattening the area and giving you easier walkability.

Retaining walls are perfect for directing water flow in problem areas like slopes. When the soil slopes down due to heavy rainfall, it can cause erosion. These walls help hold back water and shift the irrigation in the proper direction.

How Can We Help?

Our team at A Plus Landscaping is always ready to tackle a challenge and add beauty to your landscape. If you have flooding or irrigation issues, get them under control by adding a retaining wall. Not only will this help keep flooding and shifting soil at bay, but it will also enhance your space. Call us at 717-335-1690 or or complete our online Quote Request for our retaining wall installation services.


Our retaining wall installers can build the following features

Paver Steps

Building steps to your porch or patio out of pavers gives you the freedom to choose from a wide array of styles, textures, and colors. 

Seat Walls

A seat wall or sitting wall can be used to frame your patio area to create a cozy outdoor “living room” feel to your hardscaped area.

Retaining Walls

When your backyard has different areas of elevation, a retaining wall holds or retains soil in a stepped arrangement instead of a slope. 

Natural Stone Walls

Natural stone walls have a timeless beauty about them and when expertly built, can last decades with little to no maintenance.

We are open for new projects. Let's bring your creative ideas to life together!

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