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Rain, rain, go away. For some, when it’s pouring rain outside, it’s a day of relaxation, watching your plants dance as the water bounces off their leaves. For others, it could be a day of flooding driveways and walkways, trying to find the solution to end the presence of muddy grounds. While pooling water can be an annoyance, it’s important to address it before it grows into a larger issue.

Permeable pavers are a great way to enhance your yard space and improve your curb appeal. You can create beautiful walkways while helping the environment and reinstating the natural water cycle. These pavers come in various materials, such as grass, gravel, crushed quartz, or brick—making this a popular way to add functionality and aesthetically pleasing elements to your outdoor space. A Plus Landscaping offers permeable paver installation services to help redistribute rainwater and enhance your yard’s beauty.

Eliminate Drainage Issues and Implement Erosion Control

Most driveways and walkways are made of conventional asphalt and concrete, and they should have a system to control water if it rains or floods. However, if the system is inefficient, the water will pool, which can lead to expensive problems down the line. Permeable pavers will allow water to drain through the surface into the ground and your plants.

This will help eliminate flooding or pooling water that would cause erosion issues. These pavers are extremely versatile and can fit any style or purpose. From landscaping purposes to decorative areas around your garden, these pavers add personality to a mainly green space.

How Can We Help?

For the best results, contact A Plus Landscaping. Our team can help eliminate erosion and drainage issues while also providing an aesthetically pleasing touch. If you begin to notice that there’s pooling water or you’re having irrigation issues, call us at 717-335-1690 or or complete our online Quote Request for our permeable paver installation services.

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