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Do you wish you had a place to lounge and swim in your backyard but don’t have the room or budget for a swimming pool? A swim spa could be the solution you’re searching for.

A swim spa, as the name implies, combines the benefits of a swimming pool and a spa. It has a compact size that allows it to fit in backyards of any size but is still large enough for you to freely swim around in. It also features jets or a propulsion system, which creates a continuous current that provides light resistance for swimming and gently massages your body. Additionally, swim spas also boast built-in seating areas and relaxation benches for lounging after a good swim or low-impact exercise session.

Swim spas are an excellent option for those who want the convenience of having their own pool without all the space requirements and long-term maintenance associated with traditional pools. Not only are they convenient, but they are also energy efficient, easy to install, and usable all year round.

If this unique and versatile water feature sounds like the perfect addition to your home, A Plus Landscaping can help design and install your ideal swim spa. Our experienced team of custom spa builders will work with you to create an outdoor retreat for you and your family to enjoy. Our swim spas are available in various sizes and models, ranging from small portable units to larger, permanently installed models. We’ll help you select a design that meets your requirements, and then our custom spa builders will install your new retreat with the highest-quality materials.

With a custom outdoor spa, you can enjoy all the benefits of swimming and outdoor living without sacrificing space or money, and we’ll work with you to create an affordable solution that meets your needs. To learn more about our swim spa installation service or get a custom quote for your project, contact us today!


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