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Sandblasted Concrete Overlay

When you bought your home, the yard space was a plus. You saw the potential in what it could be with a little TLC. As you look around your backyard, what do you see? Could your patio use some enhancement? Are your surfaces a bit rougher than before? Do you want to improve surface drainage? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you should consider adding a concrete overlay to your outdoor areas.

A concrete overlay service is a construction project that can help improve your backyard’s functionality and aesthetics. Concrete overlays can help convert surface deficiencies and improve structural and drainage issues. However, adding a modern or cobblestone design can also provide stylistic elements. If you want to enhance your outdoor spaces in Philadelphia, contact A Plus Landscaping for more information.

Reduce Surface Roughness and Improve Aesthetics

Whether your concrete surface is damaged or you want a quick restoration, concrete overlays are a great solution. Rather than paying someone to rip up your concrete and pour the new mix in, our team can apply a concrete overlay to make it look brand new. This will also strengthen your surfaces and help insulate them.

Our team can install overlays around the swimming pool, driveways, walkways, or anywhere else your concrete may need some refreshing. Overlays can fit any style and aesthetic taste because they come in various textures, finishes, and colors.

How Can We Help?

Concrete overlays are best done by professionals. This is because a project of this scope requires detailed planning and design skills, craftsman-level expertise, and a mastery of complicated techniques. To obtain the best results, contact A Plus Landscaping for concrete overlay services in Philadelphia. Our team’s priority is to bring your desired designs to life. We’re always looking forward to transforming the look of your outdoor space. Call us at 717-335-1690 or or complete our online Quote Request.

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