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If you want to enjoy the outdoors without compromising your comfort, we have the solution for you: custom louvered pergolas. This addition lets you control the shade and sunlight with customizable designs. Our builders will tailor your louvered pergola design to match your unique style and home aesthetic.

Our outdoor overhead structures are made of lightweight materials and can enhance your outdoor space while providing comfort and elegance. Louvered pergolas offer remarkable versatility and can be easily modified to fit your needs.

Add Versatile and Unique Elements to Your Yard

Elevate the ambience of your backyard by adding a custom louvered pergola to your outdoor structures. These stylish fixtures have been a popular choice for homeowners due to their weather protection and extra touch of luxuriousness. Feel like you’re at a resort 24-7 by adding this must-have accessory to your outdoor living area.

With a louvered pergola installation, you can control your environment’s airflow, shade, and sunlight. On nice days, you can feel the breeze and open the shades more. On the other hand, if you want to relax in the shade, you can close the shades completely—don’t let the unpredictable weather interfere with your outdoor plans.

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Custom louvered pergolas provide a functional and decorative element to your land and hardscaping. Enhance your deck, patio, terraces, and more by adding our louvered pergola design to your property. We have the materials for you, whether you want something more traditional, experimental, minimal, or industrial. Allow us to design and install your pergola to take your outdoor space to the next level.

Elevate your space with A Plus Landscaping. We’re always looking forward to transforming your outdoor space into an extension of your home. Don’t hesitate to call us at (717) 335-1690 for more information regarding how we can help. You can also complete our online Quote Request.

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