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Investing time and money in your home’s landscaping will help boost the value of your property and make your house more comfortable, livable, and satisfying. Having an additional space for lounging and entertainment will positively change your relationship with your backyard. Looking out into an expanse of unbroken green can feel flat and uninviting. However, including an outdoor patio and decorative enhancements will make your yard more welcoming and cozier.

Installing paver pillars and steps allows you to tame your sloped areas and open space for family gatherings and get-togethers. Complement your retaining wall with paver pillars and steps to incorporate different stylistic designs into your yard. Enhancing the beauty of your yard will entice you to spend more time outside.

Add Beauty to Your Yard

We spend so much time curating the inside of our homes that sometimes we abandon the aesthetics of our outdoor space. A simple way to spruce up the exterior of your home is by installing paver pillars and steps. You can add paver pillars to help define your entryway, make your retaining wall more aesthetically pleasing, or convert a post into a mailbox.

Paver pillars are highly durable and weather resistant, making them an ideal outdoor decorative element. These sturdy pillars help define your landscape and increase your home’s value—providing an excellent return on investment. Another way to enhance your retaining wall is by adding paver steps to sloping landscapes and entryways. This is a great solution to making the steep inclines more easily accessible.

How Can We Help?

We do more than landscaping projects at A Plus Landscape. We do hardscape projects too! Our team possesses the expertise and knowledge to give you impeccable results. Enhance the look of your yard space and bring your dream project to life by contacting us. Call us at 717-335-1690 or or complete our online Quote Request for our paver pillar and steps installation services.

Stone Steps

Our Step & Pillars installers can build the following features

Paver Steps

Building steps to your porch or patio out of pavers gives you the freedom to choose from a wide array of styles, textures, and colors. 

Seat Walls

A seat wall or sitting wall can be used to frame your patio area to create a cozy outdoor “living room” feel to your hardscaped area.

Retaining Walls

When your backyard has different areas of elevation, a retaining wall holds or retains soil in a stepped arrangement instead of a sloped hill. 

Natural Stone Walls

Natural stone walls have a timeless beauty about them and when expertly built, can last decades with little to no maintenance.

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