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Why are 3D Drawings Important for Landscape Design?


3D Drawings = Visualization

We live in an era where visualization has taken over every industry. We even prefer looking at a product online than in person. This shift in consumer behavior has also impacted the Hardscaping and Landscaping industry. Our clients want to visualize their final project exactly as it would look when completed. What better way for us to help them see this preview then by creating a 3D architectural drawing.

Through several images, we will show you a project we are working on and how these visualizations help our clients make the best decisions for beautifying their landscapes and exteriors.

3d landscape drawing top down view

Above is a beautiful patio measuring approximately 1,000 square feet. It has the Techo-Bloc Blu 60 Color: Beige Cream that gives it a natural look with the Unilock Copthorne Color: Burgundy Red edges.  Also on this design, there is a beautiful kitchen area, fully equipped with a Blaze 24-Inch Compact Refrigerator, Summerset undermount Sink with Single Handle, a Blaze 16 inch Stainless steel triple access drawer, and a stainless steel trash can. Also included, is a stainless steel drop-in ice bin, to keep those drinks cold on a hot summer day.  Everything you need to prepare, serve and store your food outside is included.

3d landscape drawing side view

Shown above, we have a beautiful pavilion stretching over a deck and outdoor kitchen and dining area. This roof with open sides provides shelter from the rain while still allowing you to bring your entertainment outdoors.

Each project we take seriously and love helping our clients come bring some of their own ideas to life!

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