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Deck or Patio: Which Is Best for You?


There are so many options to consider when creating a beautiful outdoor living space. For most homeowners, one of the primary considerations is deciding between a deck or a patio. Let’s take a moment to look at the benefits and differences of both to help you decide which one to build.


A quality deck can increase the perceived value of your home by as much as ten percent. The available living space just seems larger when it extends into the great outdoors. Potential buyers will often settle for a smaller total indoor living space if there is additional space outside the home.
The installation process favors going with a deck, since you have more potential locations for placement. The structure of a deck is above ground, allowing you to put it above potential landscaping challenges like roots, poorly drained soil, and even sloping terrain.


If you are looking for the best return on your investment, patios tend to win this round. With a perceived value add of as high as twelve percent, adding a beautiful deck to your outdoor living space is a great way to increase the value of your home.

In the past, patios tended to be limited to flat surfaces and were built out of simple materials. Additional design options are now available including a multi-level patio with retaining walls and integration into the surrounding landscape.

An advantage that patios have when compared to decks is their ability to hold large amounts of weight. Since they are built on a crushed stone base and usually have a solid stone or brick surface, a patio can support a large hot tub or other heavy items quite easily.

When considering both these options, a home owner needs to understand how they plan to use the space and how the patio or deck will integrate and become part of their home’s exterior features. Regardles of the choice, an investment in a good quality deck or patio will become an extension of your home’s indoor living space and will increase the value of your property when you eventually sell your home.

When you are ready to build either a quality deck or patio for your home, give us a call and let’s get to work building your dream outdoor living space!