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Should You Seed or Sod Your Lawn?


You are looking at your backyard and thinking it doesn’t look quite as lush and green as it should. Those bare spots make your lawn look patchy and not the lush green lawn you want. Should you get your landscaper to roll out some fresh sod in those areas or take the time and effort to grow grass from seed? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons. 

We get calls from clients every day that deal with the above conundrum. Fixing areas of lawn that have died off from disease, insects or lack of watering can be a challenge. The solution to these lawn problems can be found by looking at the options that are available. 

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Bare Patches in a Lawn

First off, let’s compare the two options:

SEED:  Growing a fresh area of lawn from seed involves proper soil preparation, planting the grass seed, and watering it daily until the grass root systems are established. 

SOD: Almost like rolling out a carpet, planting sod involves carefully cutting and rolling “slices” of sod that are installed on the surface of a new lawn. This usually involves hiring a professional landscaper to haul the heavy rolls of sod and properly roll them out and cut to fit the area being sodded. 

Which grass growing zone you live in, makes a difference for which of these two methods you end up choosing. If you live in the Southern United States, some of the grass types you should consider include Bermuda, Zoysia or St Augustine grass. These are best planted as sod, instead of seed. 

Further north, including Central Pennsylvania where our landscaping business is located, you’ll see perennial rye-grass and Kentucky bluegrass planted most often. Tall fescue is also a common variety planted. For these types of grass, it depends on the size of the area being planted. For a small dead area of your lawn, it works well to prep the soil, plant the seed and water daily until the grass roots are established. For larger areas bigger than 2 square yards or so, sod is the preferred choice. 

If you would like a professional opinion and have your lawn professionally seeded or sod installed, give us a call here at A Plus Landscaping. Our number is 717- 335-1690 or fill out the free quote request form online.