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Driveway Materials: Pavers vs. Asphalt vs. Concrete


Whether you’re building a brand-new driveway or giving your current one a bit of TLC, you have a few options regarding the appearance and quality of your paving materials. Most driveways are concrete or asphalt, true, but you could also use pavers, like bricks, to make something truly unique. Let’s take a look at pavers, asphalt, and concrete driveway materials and what they have to offer your home.


Concrete is the most practical and familiar option for most homeowners. From a practical standpoint, concrete is durable and requires very little maintenance, meaning you rarely have to worry about it. Aesthetically concrete doesn’t stand out much but may detract from your curb appeal if you have a large driveway. A well-constructed concrete driveway will be a bit of a pricier investment than asphalt, but that cost will be well worth it when your driveway lasts upward of 30 years. The most maintenance you may have to do is seal the concrete every 3–5 years, but this is very simple, using only sealant and a roller brush.


Asphalt is one of the most common materials for driveways because it’s sturdy, long lasting, and looks neat and tidy when maintained properly. You’ll also find that between pavers, asphalt, and concrete for driveways, asphalt is the cheapest investment. Asphalt driveways will typically last 15–25 years, depending on how well you take care of them. Maintenance for asphalt includes ensuring water drains properly, filling cracks, and sealing the asphalt every 2 years.


Pavers, typically made from brick or stone, add an artisanal touch to provide a much more visually interesting and appealing design. Naturally, the installation process is a bit more expensive, but you can expect a high-quality driveway in both appearance and practicality. Because these pavers typically have small spaces between each brick, maintenance will include removing weeds from in between pavers and occasionally power washing your driveway. If you’re interested in this type of driveway, hire our patio paver installers today.