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Reasons You Should Add Exterior Accent Lighting to Your Home

Reasons You Should Add Exterior Accent Lighting to Your Home

Adding exterior lighting to your property is the best way to showcase your stunning home and landscaping. While some outdoor lights are functional, accent lighting draws your eye to certain hardscaped features. It elevates your home’s look and enhances the beauty of your lawn or garden. These are the top reasons you should add exterior accent lighting to your home.

Increasing Personal Safety

Although exterior accent lighting isn’t supposed to be entirely practical, it can still increase visibility to walkways and other features. Some ways to add exterior accent lighting to your home include installing lights on your deck staircase or along walkways. This can help prevent your family and guests from injuring themselves in your yard. Accent lighting can be a useful investment in your family’s safety.

Showcasing Landscaping

You can also utilize accent lighting to showcase attractive trees, bushes, and other plants around your home. Casting a light up the trunk of a tree will make it stand out as a feature of your yard and can even make it look taller. Furthermore, adding a soft glow to your shrubs or flowers can garner fascination and bring out their color.

Enhancing Architecture

Accent lighting can accentuate the architecture and natural materials on your home’s exterior. Placing lights at the base of your house shining upward is an elegant way to highlight the texture of a brick or stone wall. If your home has any interesting attributes, such as an archway or columns, a spotlight is the best tool to display these focal points at night.

Integrating Smart Home Technology

Modern lighting system technology has made it easier than ever for homeowners to give their homes more personality. Some hardscape or landscape lighting offers you the ability to control and adjust settings from your smartphone. This gives you more time to spend maximizing your outdoor space.

Bettering Curb Appeal

Investing in exterior accent lighting can improve your home’s curb appeal and boost its resale value. Impress your neighbors with exquisite lighting that makes your home stand out from all the rest. When you’ve invested time and money in your house and landscaping, you should show it off for all to see.

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