Retaining Walls, Pillars, & Steps

Let our paver step and retaining wall specialists help you gain more usable space on your property.

If your property has steep slopes or grades that prevent full enjoyment of your property, structural hardscape solutions can add new flexibility, dimension and visual impact to your outdoor space.

Our retaining wall installers can build the following features into existing elevations in your yard.

Paver Steps
Building steps to your porch or patio out of pavers gives you the freedom to choose from a wide array of styles, textures, and colors. We work with the best hardscaping materials and have the experience it takes to build a quality foundation that will support your beautiful paver stones and give you years of enjoyment and functional use.

Seat Walls
A seat wall or sitting wall can be used to frame your patio area to create a cozy outdoor “living room” feel to your hardscaped area. Not only do they create a cozy walled-in area, but they double as seating for guests when you’re ready to throw that backyard barbecue or just sit around the fire on a cool fall evening.

Block Walls
Our block wall installers can create a visual separation between different types of landscaping and gardens in your outdoor space. This selection of blocks comes in various size, shape, and color options.

Retaining Walls
When your backyard has different areas of elevation, a retaining wall holds or retains soil in a stepped arrangement instead of a sloped hill. This can prevent soil erosion due to storm water runoff and creates a more visually appealing landscaped area.

Natural Stone Wall
Natural stone walls have a timeless beauty about them and when expertly built, can last decades with little to no maintenance. Whether you choose to use mortar to create your stone wall or create a dry stacked stone wall that harks back to colonial days, our stone wall builders have the experience to create a wall of lasting beauty for your outdoor living space.

…And more!

If you find yourself complaining that the hill starting at your back door is pushing water into your basement, or you’re annoyed that you can’t have parties because of a cramped yard, call us.

Your Reliable Retaining Wall Installers

Our retaining wall specialists have the experience and talent to provide the solutions needed to solve your landscaping and hardscaping challenges. We have dozens of block sizes, shapes, and colors, plus almost any wall layout you can dream of. Let our retaining wall builders turn your dreams into reality!

Retaining Wall Blocks, Outdoor Seat Wall & Hardscape

Frequently, backyard designs require structural products, such as retaining wall blocks, brick or natural stone steps, and other architectural features. Garden walls, in addition to being aesthetically appealing, offer structural support or retention of uneven grades.

Also, we’ve installed block or natural stone retaining walls, seat walls, outdoor landscape steps, and paver/stone steps that are built into existing slopes of your backyard/front yard.

So let the A Plus Landscaping retaining wall builders help you carve out more open spaces to entertain and enjoy. Call us today at 717- 335-1690 or fill out the free quote form online. We proudly serve the areas of Lancaster, Lebanon, Chester & Berks Counties of PA.