Add a Natural Stone Wall, Paver Steps, or a Block Wall in your Backyard!

Whether your property has steep slopes, slight grades, or is virtually flat, structural hardscape solutions can add dimension and visual impact to your outdoor space.

In addition to being aesthetically appealing, we can build the following features into existing elevations in your yard:

  • paver steps
  • seat wall
  • block wall
  • retaining wall
  • natural stone wall
  • tier walling

And more!

If you find yourself complaining that the hill starting at your back door is pushing water into your basement, or you’re annoyed that you can’t have parties because of a cramped yard, call us.

Let A+ Landscaping change that!

We have many, many options to solve your landscaping and hardscaping problems. We have dozens of block sizes, shapes, and colors plus almost any wall layout you can dream of, along with lighting, plants, shrubs, walkways, steps, stairways, or patios as options. We’ll turn your dreams into reality!

So let A Plus Landscaping help you carve out more open spaces to entertain and enjoy. Call us today at 717-315-5347 or fill out the free quote form online. We proudly serve the areas of Lancaster, Lebanon, Chester & Berks Counties of PA.

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