Pergolas, Pavilions, & Roofs

Increase your outdoor time with a custom pavilion or gazebo.

Want to get more use from your outdoor space? Adding a roofed structure will extend your outdoor season by protecting you from summer rain. Adding an infrared heat source to your pavilion will provide warmth during the cooler months of the year. 

In addition to providing overhead protection from the rain or intense sun, a well-designed pavilion adds a sense of structure and dimension to your outdoor space and is an essential element in making your outdoor area feel like an outdoor room.

Enjoy the classic elegance of a well-designed pergola.

A back yard pergola is the perfect place to enjoy the cool summer breeze and the beauty of dappled sunlight. The horizontal overhead slats of a pergola provide a beautiful play of light and shade while giving your outdoor area a beautiful sense of structure and space. Combine your pergola with a trellis and climbing plants such as clematis or trumpet vine for a dramatic effect. 

Construction options include natural wood or the durability of vinyl.

Patio Pergola Ideas and Pergola Designs!

Pergolas and pavilions can be an amazing way to take your backyard design to the next level. Defining the boundaries of your outdoor living space is an essential part of your landscape. Furthermore, overhead architecture such as custom pergolas and pavilions are an exciting way to bring dimension and boundary to your design.

We also offer roofing services for outbuildings and other structures.

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