Professional Landscaping Services

Dreaming of a Gorgeous Garden Layout? Need Sod Installation for a Lush Yard?

A Plus Landscaping offers all the professional landscaping services you could need to create a beautiful outdoor space for your family. You can count on us for sod installation, landscape design, garden layout, planting, grass seeding, and more. A well-designed landscape adds dimension and texture and can provide a low-maintenance, beautiful outdoor space.

Oftentimes, trouble areas in your front or back yard can be solved with cost effective measures such as grass seeding or sod installation. With our planting and seeding options, you’ll be making a wise investment with any of our domestic lawn grasses.

With a right selection of trees, shrubs, annuals, and perennials, your home’s landscaping can become a true masterpiece. But your home’s landscape can do more than simply look beautiful. It can save you money too! Carefully positioned trees, shrubs, and grasses can cut your summer and winter energy costs dramatically while protecting your home from the sun, controlling noise, and providing privacy screening.

Landscaping Construction You Can Count On

Mulching, pruning, planting, brick edging, lawn repair, and landscaping design services are among some of the best ways to care for your home’s exterior. In fact, professional landscaping services can even help maximize your home’s curb appeal. Regular pruning can keep unsightly overgrowth at bay, the right plants can bring bright and attractive colors, and fresh mulch can help keep those plants vibrant throughout the seasons. Top it all off with tidy brick edging to prevent grass from invading your landscaping.

So whether you need trees that can curb your energy bills, a pop of color from bright perennials, or a customized garden layout design, call A Plus Landscaping for all your landscaping construction needs!

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