Ways To Extend Your Patio Season Year Round

As we start to brace for another season change, we can’t help but cling to our outdoor decks and patios. The sunshine and warmth have been delightful—don’t you wish you could enjoy your outdoor space all year round? What if we told you that you can? Adding a few decorative and functional elements to your yard can maximize your space and usage.

Here are four ways to extend your patio season year-round.

Add a Heat Element

Who said you can’t enjoy your patio during the fall and winter? Adding a heat feature to your patio lets you sit outside and stay warm. Fire pits can help keep you warm, add an aesthetic appeal, boost your property value, and allow you to make memories. Fire features can come in a variety of styles and heating methods. Be sure to select the one that’s safest for you and your family.

Make Your Space Extra Cozy

You want your outdoor space to be welcoming. Investing in cozy furniture, lighting, and entertainment devices can create the ultimate hang-out area for you and your family. You can use your patio for several occasions, and it is a great place to read a book or observe the nature around you. You can do all those things comfortably by adding comfy cushions, fun décor, and plants to give the space personality and style.

Provide a Covered Area

Rain or shine, you can enjoy your patio all year round by installing a covered area above your hang-out space. You can retreat to your pavilion or pergola for safety from the elements, whether a rainstorm comes out of nowhere or the sun is shining too bright. A pergola is also a great addition to your outdoor dining area—you, your family, and your guests can enjoy snacks and beverages in the shade.

Extend Your Entertainment Area

Maximize your outdoor space by extending your entertainment area if you love to host. Bring your cooking skills outside by installing an outdoor kitchen with a grill or griddle, a mini refrigerator, and all the other fixtures needed to prepare food and drinks. Adding entertainment space allows you to host more gatherings and have the versatility of where you decide to celebrate.

You’ve come to the right place if you want to extend your patio season year-round. Our talented team of custom pergola builders at A Plus Landscaping is passionate about maximizing your home’s exterior. Contact us if you’re interested. We can bring your visions to life.

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