Planting & Seeding

Dreaming of a Gorgeous Garden Layout? Need Sod Installation for a Lush Yard?

A Plus Landscaping offers sod installation services, landscape layout ideas, garden layout designs, plant designs, and several seeding options to create a beautiful outdoor space for your family.

You see, a well-designed landscape adds dimension and texture— and who doesn’t want a low-maintenance, beautiful outdoor space?

Oftentimes, trouble areas in your frontward or backyard need a simple solution. When lavish design isn’t the answer, A Plus Landscaping can help you achieve a lush, beautiful lawn. Sometimes the most cost effective measure is grass seeding or sod installation. With our planting and seeding options, you’ll be making a wise investment with any of our domestic lawn grasses.

With a wide selection of trees, shrubs, annuals, and perennials, your home’s landscaping becomes a true masterpiece. But your home’s landscape can do more than simply look beautiful. It can save you money too!

In fact, carefully positioned trees, shrubs, and grasses can cut your summer and winter energy costs dramatically while protecting your home from the sun, controlling noise, and providing privacy screening.

Custom Landscaping for a New Lawn

A new lawn might be just the ticket to set your yard a notch above the rest. Often, trouble areas in your landscape need a simple solution. When lavish design or custom landscaping isn’t the answer, A Plus Landscaping can help you achieve a lush lawn.

So whether you need sod installation, customized garden layout options, or any other planting and seeding service, call A Plus Landscaping today! Call us at  717- 335-1690 or fill out the free quote form online.