Permeable Driveways, Walkways, & Patios

Make your home eco-friendly with a permeable driveway, walkway or patio installation.

Water runoff from impervious (solid) surfaces is a big problem. All of the impurities from fertilizers and other surface chemicals wash from these surfaces and eventually find their way into our streams and rivers. Add to this erosion and flooding in your yard, and you have a mess every time you receive heavy rain. You as a homeowner can do something about this problem. Imagine instead that the water soaks through the pavers into your water reservoir. No ditches in the yard, no rivers to wade through, no planting grass for the third time…. all while helping the environment!

How permeable pavers work.

Permeable hardscape surfaces allow water to leach directly through to the soil below.  In a permeable pavement installation, the storm water is collected and slowly released. This not only helps to maintain the water table and evaporation levels, but it also stops your precious topsoil from ending up in the Chesapeake Bay and minimizes flood damage! 

We can even install reservoir systems beneath to capture the water for reuse. Water retention systems prevent water runoff from destroying your property, turning your hardscape areas into a beautiful, engineered conservation system. Permeable paving solutions have the same visual appeal as non-porous surfaces in your hardscape design. We use products that include porous asphalt, pervious concrete, permeable paving stones and even plastic-based pavers all with the same important feature of allowing water to flow through the surface area instead of creating storm water runoff issues.

Driveway Projects and Permeable Patio Ideas

In scenarios where green space is at a premium and water infiltration is a must, we offer our customers permeable (or pervious) hardscape surfaces. These surfaces allow water to leach directly through to the soil below. These water retention systems prevent water runoff from destroying your property.

Also, we offer: hardscape pavers, brick pavers, paver patio ideas, pervious driveway projects, and permeable patio concepts to customers in Lancaster, Lebanon, Berks & Chester Counties of PA.

Our customers are satisfied knowing they are enjoying their hardscape design ideas and are being environmentally-conscious!

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