Pervious Walkways and a Permeable Driveway Installation Services for Your Home

Imagine the most beautiful driveway, walkway or patio you ever saw, and every time it rains the water runoff cuts a miniature Grand Canyon through the yard and deposits it all on your back-porch step…not good.

Now, imagine the water soaks through the pavers into your water reservoir, no ditches in the yard, no rivers to wade through, no planting grass for the third time…. all while helping the environment!

You see, permeable (or pervious) hardscape surfaces allow water to leach directly through to the soil below. A Plus Landscaping specializes in the installation of pervious walkways, permeable driveways, and pervious patios.

By doing a permeable installation we collect the water and slowly release it. This helps to maintain the water table and evaporation levels, but it mainly stops our precious top soil from ending up in the Chesapeake Bay while minimizing flood damage!

We can even install reservoir systems beneath to capture the water for reuse. Water retention systems prevent water runoff from destroying your property, turning your hardscape ares into a beautiful, engineered conservation system.

Does all of this sound like a dream come true for your home’s exterior? Let’s make it a reality.

If you would like to hear about our exquisite yard design ideas, call us to schedule a free quote. We’ll come out to your home and speak with you about your options regarding permeable driveways, walkways, pathways, and patios. Or fill out the free quote form online.

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