How Stone Wall Features Can Enhance Your Landscape

Incorporating hardscaping into the design of your yard can help improve the overall aesthetics and functionality of the space. There are numerous ways to work stone into outdoor space, but a stone wall, by far, brings the most value to your landscape. While defining the area, it also protects your landscaping from soil erosion or irrigation problems.

However, if you need more convincing, keep reading to learn how stone wall features can enhance your landscape.

Prevents Irrigation Issues

When you look outside when it rains, do you see pooling water in your yard? If so, you could have irrigation problems within your landscape. This can lead to soil erosion, leaving your yard looking patchy. To help curb these issues, you can add a stone wall feature to help redirect the runoff to the appropriate draining area. This will also help improve your plant’s health, allowing your yard to thrive and grow.

Expands Your Landscape

Stonewall features can enhance your landscape by allowing you to get more creative with your yard design. This includes creating a more defined space, adding color plants, and other hardscaping features throughout your outdoor area. Stone walls open more opportunities to work with a functional yard, protecting plants from harsh elements.

Improves the Aesthetics of Your Yard

Visually, adding a stone wall is a stunning feature to include in your outdoor space. As stated above, it allows you to expand your landscape and add more features, such as a fire pit, patio, or garden. Stone walls can be customized to your space, giving you full control of the material, color, shape, and other design elements complementing your home.

Offers More Privacy on Your Property

Another benefit of having a stone wall feature in your yard is the additional privacy on your property. Adding a wall near your patio, deck, or garden offers more security and privacy—blocking wandering eyes from watching your yard. This is a great choice for children or small pets because it allows them to stay within a certain area. You can also use the stone wall as a landmark.

At A Plus Landscaping, we value your outdoor space. We believe your landscape is an extension of your home and handle it carefully. Look no further if you’re looking for someone to add a beautiful stone wall to your property. Our team of retaining wall specialists is here to help design and install the stone wall to help enhance your space. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on our services.

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