Different Types of Driveway Materials and How To Choose One

The driveway is one of the most crucial parts of any home’s exterior space. It serves various purposes, including providing a safe and convenient entryway into the house, complementing the architectural design, and enhancing the home’s curb appeal.

Choosing the best driveway material can be challenging, particularly for homeowners with limited knowledge of available materials. However, we’re here to help! Discover different types of driveway materials and how to choose one for your home.

Asphalt Driveways

Asphalt is worth considering if you want an affordable, durable, low-maintenance driveway option. It’s a mix of sand, gravel, and bitumen, which makes it resistant to water and chemicals—making it perfect for areas with moderate to high temperatures. Maintaining an asphalt driveway is a breeze. It only requires a routine cleaning and fresh sealant coat every couple of years.

Concrete Driveways

Concrete driveways are a fantastic choice to consider, especially for those in busier households. Not only are they super durable, but they will also last for ages. The best part is they come in many cool colors and textures, so you can find one that matches your style. They’re also fairly low maintenance. However, homeowners must give it a good pressure wash and seal it every few years to maintain its appearance.

Gravel Driveways

Gravel is one of the most cost-effective driveway materials available. They consist of small stones spread over a porous base layer of crushed rock. Gravel driveways are easy to install and maintain, particularly in regions with moderate or low temperatures. Rural homes with little or no traffic are suitable for these driveways.

Paver Driveways

Pavers are an excellent choice for homeowners to show off their creativity and style due to the material’s versatility and durability. You can create pavers using brick, natural stone, or concrete of various colors, shapes, and patterns. Paver driveways are low maintenance and can withstand high-traffic areas, making them a practical and attractive option for any home.

Interlock Driveways

Interlock driveways are like paver driveways but contractors typically construct them using concrete or gravel. This type of driveway is an eco-friendly option, as it helps absorb rainwater. Besides their cool designs, interlocking driveways are known for their ability to withstand heavy traffic. Regularly cleaning, re-sanding, and re-leveling any sunken areas is important to keep your interlock driveway in good condition.

Considering factors like budget, location, and personal style is important when selecting your driveway type and material. You can create a driveway that is visually appealing, durable, and functional and suits your specific requirements when you know the different types of driveway materials and how to choose one. Our reliable driveway and walkway contractors offer a hassle-free installation and maintenance process. Feel free to reach out to us for further details!

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