Creating a desirable landscape can go beyond hardscape updates and adding plants around your space. You can extend your entertainment spaces and add unique features to your yard to enhance your outdoor area’s visual interest and functionality. Adding a water feature is a popular way to improve your outdoor space.

To understand the beneficial properties of these upgrades, here’s a quick guide to water features in landscaping.

Benefits of Adding Water Features to Your Space

There are many benefits to adding a water feature to your landscaping. Not only will it decrease noise pollution, but it will help define your lawn and garden spaces. Features like ponds, fountains, and waterfalls help foster relaxation, increase property value, and improve air quality. Along with these benefits, they’re flexible and versatile. These features can fit in any outdoor environment, big or small.

When people think of water features, they may assume that they require lots of maintenance and negatively impact your utility bill. However, these features are super low maintenance and help conserve water usage. Most parts will recirculate the water, preventing mold, mildew, and algae from building up.

Different Types of Water Features

Extend your creativity and design talents to your backyard by adding a water feature to your space. These features help embrace and enhance your outdoor environment, making it more desirable to spend time outdoors. Not only does this extend your relaxation and entertainment space, but it also encourages you to spend more time outside. There are many types of water features to choose from. You can add the following features to your yard:

We Can Bring Your Dream Yard to Life

What does your dream landscape look like? Does it have a stunning fountain, a natural pond, or a waterfall? We hope our quick guide to water features in landscaping helps you find the perfect feature for your space. Whatever you have in mind, our team can bring your vision to life. A Plus Landscaping offers professional landscaping services to Lancaster, PA, and the surrounding areas. Be sure to contact us for additional information on how we can help.

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